Frequently Asked Questions

Being a member of The Oxford Centre for Leadership will be a valuable asset in your professional career and business network. It will ensure that you get the recognition you deserve and keep you ahead of your peers.

There are a number of membership routes open to you, all of which provide access to a comprehensive range of member benefits and services.

If you have questions regarding membership and OXCEL awards it may well be answered below. If you do not find your questions answered in the FAQ, please fill up the enquiry form here.
What is OXCEL?
The Oxford Centre for Leadership (OXCEL) is an independent professional body. It is incorporated in England and, although it is based in Oxford, it is not part of the University of Oxford. Its aims are:

  • to foster leadership and increase the effectiveness of leadership at all levels in organisations.
  • to establish standards of leadership that are relevant to different, non-western cultures.

How do I become a member of OXCEL?
There are different ways you can become a member of OXCEL. The best route for you will depend on your individual circumstances and your reasons for joining.

Ordinary Membership
In most instances, members of the public would like to be kept updated on the events that OXCEL and its affiliates organise. Members of the public will have to fill in an online registration form and will then be registered as Ordinary Members of OXCEL. As Members you will be entitled to preferred rates at events OXCEL and its affiliates organise.

Awards Level Membership
OXCEL Awards recognise your professional achievements and will give you professional recognition of your existing experience and/or qualifications in Leadership. You can achieve this recognition in several ways.

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) route
If you have at least 3 years’ executive-level experience, you can apply to have your experience assessed against our Leadership Qualities.

How do I apply?
Look at our Leadership Qualities and make notes of how and where you meet these, and where you’re able to provide evidence of this. Attach a biodata of your achievements for an initial assessment. An OXCEL Representative will contact you to notify you of the assessment result and if you do decide to go ahead you’ll need to complete a membership application form.

Achievement of an OXCEL award.
You can gain professional recognition by achieving an OXCEL award. It is a requirement that you join OXCEL as an Ordinary Member, whilst you are preparing for your award.
Our awards are designed to suit a wide range of people, from those new to leadership concepts to those in more senior roles. Our network of representatives provides a range of part-time, residential, flexible learning and work-based assessment options.
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What are the learning programmes offered by OXCEL?
The Continuing Professional Development Seminars (CPD) is the learning programme based on our Leadership Qualities. It is aimed at those seeking to advance their knowledge in leadership and its practical implementation in an organisation.
OXCEL regularly organise conferences and residential seminars at varying locations in Europe and Asia. Candidates can also attend conferences or residential seminars that are approved by OXCEL to gain exemptions towards its awards.

What awards does OXCEL offer?
We offer four types of awards.

  • Licentiate of OXCEL
  • Graduate of OXCEL
  • Master of OXCEL
  • Fellow of OXCEL

Are OXCEL Awards degrees?
No, OXCEL Awards are not academic degrees.
OXCEL awards relates to the practice of Leadership and its associated competencies, which are acquired over a number of years of experience. Academic degrees relate to knowledge acquired in an academic learning programme which is usually studied over a number of years.

Is OXCEL recognised by the British education body?
OXCEL does not fall under the scope of any British education authority since it does not award degrees. View explanation here. It does however conform to EU standards for best practice in adult education and is a member of the European Council for Business Education.
OXCEL facilitates continuing professional development through a variety of means and makes awards on the basis of demonstrated competence in a number of important areas in the practice of leadership.

Can OXCEL Awards lead to academic awards?
OXCEL Awards are made purely on the basis of demonstrated competence in leadership.
However in preparing your portfolio, a process which involves reflection on past experiences and planning and learning from new experiences, you will have created an excellent basis for academic progress in one of the Work Based Learning degree programmes in the UK. Degrees by Work Based Learning can be awarded up to Doctorate level but, as you would expect, considerably more work is required of candidates to achieve this.
Please note, an OXCEL Award does not lead to guaranteed entry into any university. Work Based Learning programmes are offered at Middlesex University in London, England, please visit to find out more.

Can OXCEL Awards be used to qualify for promotion or advancement in the organisation?
Excellent leadership is required and indeed found in all sectors of society where people work together for a common aim. Demonstrated competence in leadership is a major factor in selecting individuals for senior positions in organisations. OXCEL helps participants to develop their competences, to achieve higher levels of performance and to demonstrate these fully through their portfolio.

Do I have to pass through each stage one by one on my way to my Fellowship?
No. You prepare your portfolio based on you experience to date and submit for the most appropriate level. You can join at any level provided you meet the relevant assessment criteria.

What happens if three of my competences are assessed at one level and the other three at a higher level?
You will be awarded a certificate based on the 6 competences achieved at the lower level and encouraged to gain the experiences necessary to raise them all to the higher level and thus get the higher award.

What is the purpose of the Continuing Professional Development Programme?
During the CPD programme, you get –

  • advice on how to collect evidence demonstrating your competence
  • guidance on preparing your portfolio
  • the opportunity to learn about the experiences of others and reflect on your own experiences in comparison
  • the opportunity to share your experiences with others for their benefit
  • the opportunity to learn about current best practice

How are the portfolios by the participants assessed by OXCEL and by whom?
OXCEL confers its awards on the basis of an assessed portfolio of demonstrated competence submitted by candidates.
Assessment is performed by a lead assessor who is an experienced individual from business, academia or public service.
Portfolio assessments are validated by the Assessment Review Board which is comprised of experienced individuals from business, academia and public service

What is the OXCEL Achievers Residential promoted by OXCEL Asia-Pacific?
This is a programme of continuing professional development at the end of which is awarded a certificate marking completion of the course. It is not a degree. The term MBA stands for Mentored By Achievers and it is used solely for branding purposes.

What is OXCEL’s position vis-à-vis the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)? Is the certification awarded by OXCEL recognised and accepted by the MQA?
OXCEL awards are made solely on the basis of demonstrated competence; there is no academic input or assessment and as such the OXCEL awards currently fall outside the scope of work of the MQA.